I am a freelance writer, sometimes. Paying the bills often requires other jobs as well. However, I hope to work as a freelance journalist. Until then, I work remotely in the following areas: content writing, personal assistant, data analysis and research.

While I have experience writing content for companies, my preference is to conduct in-depth research on topics. WileyOnline in one of my best friends. I love the New York Times archives. As I build my writing and pitching skills, I hope to contribute to publications such as The Atlantic, Politico, Wired, and Entrepreneur. The variety of publications reflect my diverse tastes in research topics.


Freelance Writer
Uniquence LLC, Jan 2017-present
Submitted writing projects through three sites
Maintained rating of 4 stars or higher for each platform
Wrote articles with an emphasis on specific SEO keywords

Volunteer Grant Writer
EKARI Foundation, March 2017-present
Developed a list of potential grants and the likelihood of each application’s success
Created, in coordination with the Executive Director, multiple grants

System Analyst / Program Manager
Data Science Dojo, Feb – June 2016
Maintained Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ feeds using Hootsuite
Analyzed post effectiveness using native Facebook and Twitter analytics and Google Analytics
Helped troubleshoot and maintain company WordPress website
Contributed technical chapters to proprietary company textbook
Wrote data science blog posts

Mission Manager / Writer
Spaceflight Industries, Nov 2013 – Nov 2015
Managed integration of customer satellites to vendor rockets
Co-authored three proposals (U.S. government, foreign government, and commercial)
Authored numerous white papers for U.S. and foreign conferences

Writing Tutor
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Aug 2009 – May 2012
Attended training on teaching students how to improve their writing
Worked with ESL graduate students to hone technical research papers

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, August 2008 – May 2012
Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor’s of Science in Professional Writing

Data Science Dojo, January 2016
50-hour Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp Attendee

University of Washington, September 2016 – June 2017
Certificate course in Memoir Writing