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Reinventing knkelley.com

For the past few months, I have maintained knkelley.com as a place to  blog about three of my interests/potential careers – entrepreneurship, writing and engineering. While that sounds like a pretty broad blog, I’ve felt restricted to the three topics. To allow me to expand my focus, I’m now going to track three projects. These three projects can be anything – singing lessons, learning how to change oil, going back to school. I’ll blog about it all. My life is not limited to only engineering, writing and entrepreneurship.

Blogging is fun, but it’s not my only purpose in creating this site. I have three main reasons for paying each year to maintain knkelley.com

  1. Practice Writing – I work as an engineer. While I do have the opportunity to write on a regular basis, the topics are usually arcane. It’s practically writing in another language. Simply, it’s not a fun style. I want to regain my natural voice in my writing.
  2. Document Experiments – I have spent my whole conducting very small experiments. Can I get by on $200/month for food? How many miles can I run? Can I learn an instrument without any lessons? These are questions that I’d like to answer. I’m documenting the experiments because I think its a better method than my current method – which is, conduct experiment, forget details of results…repeat.
  3. Find my passion – Someone recently described to me his love of triathlons. He was so pumped about it; he thought that Ironman triathlons were the coolest thing.  Triathlons were so awesome (to him) that it was impossible not be become obsessed once you tried it. I don’t feel that way about triathlons. However, I hope to someday find that one thing that I’m willing to dedicate my life and energy to do. I want that level of obsession. These experiments (and perhaps helpful comments? Please?) will help me uncover my purpose in life.

And so we go….


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