Writing Whims (1)

This morning, I sat down and started brainstorming ways to follow my writing whims. It sounds like it makes sense but it doesn’t. I opened my planner and tried to come up with “writerly” activities and assign them a date and time. This is a logical action on a Monday morning, but it runs counter to what I’m trying to do.

What feels right is a moment to moment update. I can’t write down to work on my journalism class on Tuesday. I might not feel that way then. Would it still be a good idea to work on my class? Yes. I have a habit of letting go of pursuits that I am drawn to in favor of more mundane activities, like zoning out and watching tv. But the way that I attempted to “plan it” is counter to what I’m seeking here.

I did manage to follow what I consider my writing feeling for a while last night. I wrote nearly 1200 words in my private journal and 400 on this site. Then I did a couple of karaoke songs and attempted a bad portrait of my dog. Whatever feeling I am chasing, it seems limiting to call it “writing whim.” It pulls me to dancing, jumping around, drawing, and singing. Perhaps creative expression is a better term. Of course, judgement kills it off. At least for me. Reviewing my drawing pretty much ended the whole experience.

In short, I am now trying to plan how I will follow my creative whims, which implies that I misunderstand what the word “whim” means. Whims come and go. Whims are by definition unplanned and often illogical. I chose the word for a reason. I want to accept the unplanned and illogical more readily into my life.

Observation: I’ve noticed that I write this blog in a really clear and concise way. But I also pull out the stylistic flair that I often infuse into my writing when I know that no one will see it. My obsession with metaphors is not at all clear in this blog. Perhaps that will change over time. Or maybe the metaphors are the inauthentic part? Perhaps. But I want to add them here anyway because I like them.

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