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While I officially received “Associate Editor” as a title in early 2022, I’ve been editing documents for over ten years.

I worked as a Writing Tutor at my engineering-focused college. By my senior year, I was known for working well with ESL graduate students and helping them polish dense technical papers for publication.

Since then, I’ve worked as an engineer, project manager, and proposal manager. Despite the wide variety of titles, I was always drawn to the writing portions. I’ve edited technical requirements documents, blog posts, white papers, and long RFP responses.

But the books are the fun part, in my opinion. So here’s a list of the published books I’ve edited as an Associate Editor.

The Grunts of Wrath by Ronny Bruce (October 2022)

Note: My press is small enough that I do bits of developmental editing, line editing and proofreading. But I’m definitely best at line editing. No detail is too small! I recently spent time looking up proper pronouns when Amish and Mennonite characters were speaking (which is way more fun than determining how many clauses are appropriate in a sentence).

As of December 2022, I have actually edited 12 full-length novels for a small press. But they haven’t been published yet. This list should be more impressive by mid-2023.