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Communicating complex material in a simple way is one of my favorite challenges with writing. It’s one reason that I’m drawn to writing non-fiction. Here are some examples of my non-fiction writing.

  • aPropulsion – A blog that I created to translate articles about propulsion topics for a general audience.
  • Sleep articles – I wrote and edited a number of articles on sleep while working at Tuck Sleep.
  • Framing NASA – A rhetorical analysis of news coverage of NASA that I wrote as part of my B.S. in Professional Writing

For me, it’s been easier to publish non-fiction articles (through self-publishing or appropriate online journals).

I’m still submitting my fiction stories to contests and online journals in hopes of having them published eventually. This is a list of contests that I’ve found most helpful. I particularly like contests that provide feedback. It’s worth paying the entry fee for feedback even if you don’t win.

I did self-publish an angsty poetry anthology on Kindle in my early 20s. I’m pretty proud of how it came out, given that I did the entirety of the formatting and cover art myself.