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Sci-fi and Fantasy Book Reviews

I update this page regularly with my favorites, but I tend to post more often on Instagram.

My reviews are focused on topics that editors are concerned with, such as pacing and style, rather than whether I loved the book or not (thought I may mention that too).

I thought about this book review for a while before I wrote it. This book has many layers, and it took time for me to sort through them all. 

Firstly, 5/5 stars. I will keep this book on my shelf and likely read it again. 

Why was it so good? 

1. Pacing: I looked down halfway through the book, surprised that I wasn’t closer to the end. It didn’t build to just one climactic moment, there were waves of excitement leading up to it. 

2. PoV: The story is seamlessly told from three points of view. It doesn’t seem awkward at all to bounce back and forth between the three main characters. 

3. Complexity: I often read 3000-5000 page series. They get quite complex. Sometimes I wondered how Harrow was going to wrap up all her many threads in 500 pages. She did. It was excellent. 

4. Deeper meaning: I thought for days about how magic was used in this world, the role of rules and tradition… It was also great to see many types of people represented fully in this book – different races, genders and sexualities – all still innately human.